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Our Past Puppies

We stay in touch with a lot of our clients and we share posts daily showing our pups as they grow and as adults. It brings us so much joy seeing our babies grow in such wonderful homes. 

​We focus on breeding really kind, sweet dogs that are suitable for family and farm homes. We know that your dog is a huge part of your family, so we breed dogs that are happy and thrive in most homes, including families with children, in service roles or people with disabilities.Our dogs are great on farms, doing agility work, being a support dog in hospitals just to name a few.

We enjoy staying in touch with our clients and below is a selection of some of the babies we have bred in the past.

You can see more images and updates about our dogs on our Social page:


Some of our babies - Scroll through below and click on the photo to enlarge

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Some Snap Shots of our life