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Here at Sabella Farms, we focus on connecting with the people who buy puppies from us and we consider them part of our extended fur baby family.

It's so important to us for our babies to go to really special and wonderful homes. If you feel like you can offer a good experienced home, please feel free to get in touch with us and tell us more about you and your family. 


​We have created a really amazing family with the people that our pups go to which you can see on our Facebook page. It includes reviews from other people who are a part of our family and have one of our puppies.


Erin with some of the pups

Buying a pup from us

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Ghost as a puppy.

Our Puppy Picking Process

Once you have paid your deposit for your pup we do weekly video updates of the pups for you so you can see your baby grow up before eventually coming to you. It's important to us to include you in their lives as much as we can while they are with us.

Around the 6 - 7 week mark we put differen
t coloured collars on the pups and we start the picking process via the videos you will get each week. We work with each family individually to match the right pup to the right family.


Around 7 weeks you can start to see more about personality, nature, coat colour and length, and more. Just like you, each puppy is an individual, so I work in with you to make sure you get the right pup for you and your family. 

Our pups do well in a number of different types of homes and are great in family homes and on farms as well. ​

During the video process you can tell us which pups you're drawn to, the videos are quite long and as they get older you see some like to sit back and chill and others are out causing trouble.


As we are with them each day we know more about what they are like and can match pups to the right people. So it’s a process that you're involved in. 

For example a number of our pups have gone to police and military homes that are very fit, active and into agility. So we work in with them to pick pups that are more outgoing, higher energy and active.


Others go to homes with small children, so we look for pups that are more laid back, easy going and happy to be around lots of bustle.


Some also go into homes that train our pups to go to rest homes and hospitals and a few have gone to train with people with physical disabilities so we look for very smart trainable, switched on pups who would enjoy the work.


We focus on breeding really kind, sweet dogs that are suitable for family and farm homes.


We know that your dog is a huge part of your family so placement into the right home is important to us. ​


We do not DNA test for specific breed type/purity genetics in any of our dogs or make any claims that our dogs are purebred.


Our pups get a great start in life here with us on the farm and experience a lot of things while with us including seeing horses, chickens, cows and more up until the time your baby goes to you.


Once you've decided you'd like to purchase one of our pups, we'll ask you to pay a deposit.


This is your confirmation that you will receive a puppy from us.

Your puppy deposit is your agreement to us that you are taking one of our babies.

Please note, deposits are non-refundable. 


All Sabella Farms clients get 5% off Cove Pet Insurance and 90 days of FREE pet insurance.

It's really important to us that we set our clients up with their pups to have the best start possible.​

Cove stands out as an amazing insurance company who strives to look after their clients and their fur babies.


Keen on one of our pups? 

Make sure you're on our wait list. 

Feel free to get in touch with us and tell us more about yourself and what you're looking for in a pup and we can help match you with the right baby for your family.


To guarantee yourself one of our pups, you can pay a deposit to make sure you don't miss out.

Why we're so passionate
about vet testing

All of our dogs are DNA tested and Hip and Elbow scored which makes us stand out against some other breeders who don't do the testing they should.


Our testing goes with all of our puppies for both parents and our pups are certified by a vet to bred from. The pups are microchipped, vaccinated and wormed before they go to their new home. We will also give you our starter guide booklet which helps to answer a lot of new puppy questions.

We do not require or place any breeding contracts on our dogs. However, if you use any of our dogs for breeding we require that BOTH dogs you're using (even if it's just one of ours being used for the mating) to be DNA tested through your vet and hip and elbow scored through your vet. Both parents have to be certified and cleared for breeding by your vet prior to any conception/breeding.

​Not doing this testing prior to any mating will be a violation of the terms under which we sell you your puppy.

The reason for this is while our dogs will be DNA clear and hip and elbow scored and approved to be bred from by our vet, it does NOT mean the other dog you're using is clear and you can end up with genetic issues in the pups. We spend a lot of money in testing to prevent dogs with issues and we do not want our dogs used for breeding to untested dogs. 


Some snap shots of our life here in King Country 

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