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Our Deposit Policy

Keen to get one of our puppies?

By paying a deposit, you guarantee yourself a puppy and your agreeing to these terms so please read them carefully.


Don't want to miss out on one of our special German Shepherds?


The best way to secure yourself one of our puppies, is to get in touch with us, let us know your puppy requirements and pay a deposit. 

When you decide to purchase one of our pups and you pay a deposit, this is your confirmation that you will receive a puppy from us and that you are committing to taking one of our pups with your deposit. 


Please note that our deposits are non-refundable.

If you'd like to put on our wait list for our next litter of puppies, please click the button below to add your name to the list. 


Our Deposit Terms

Sabella Farms

Deposit Policy Terms of Sale

These terms of sale govern the sale and purchase of all German Shepard puppies by Sabella Farms Limited to you as the buyer. You accept and agree to be bound by these Terms of Sale by paying a deposit. Please read the below terms carefully before you pay a deposit on a puppy with us. Your deposit is non-refundable.

Price: Unless otherwise agreed, the price for each puppy is as displayed on our website, is in NZ dollars and includes GST.

Deposit: If you wish to buy one of our puppies, you must pay a deposit of $800. The deposit will be deducted from the price payable for your puppy. By paying a deposit, you agree to purchase one of our puppies (either a specific available puppy you have selected with us, a puppy from a specific available litter to be selected at a later date, or a puppy from a future litter eg. with unique features like specific colour etc.), and we agree to sell you one of our puppies. The deposit reserves one of our puppies for you (if a specific puppy has been selected, it reserves that specific puppy).  Your deposit is non-refundable. This means if you change your mind, you won’t be entitled to a refund. However, at our sole discretion, if you cannot complete the purchase of your puppy, we may hold your deposit and apply it against a future purchase of one of our puppies. If, for any reason, we are unable to provide you with a puppy, we can cancel the agreement between us formed by your acceptance of these Terms of Sale and will provide a full refund of your deposit.

Visits: We encourage and welcome visits of our puppies and their parents so that you can see them in the farm environment they have been raised in.  Please contact us to arrange a suitable time.

Health and Safety when you enter our farm: You agree, for the health and wellbeing of your puppy and the other animals on our property, no other animals (such as cats or dogs) are allowed on our property at any time. Please do not bring your pets with you to pickup or to visit your puppy. Also, you understand our farm is a working farm and you are responsible for yourself, anyone you bring with you and your children’s safety whilst on our farm. This includes monitoring your children at all times, ensuring they do not wander into paddocks, place hands or fingers in kennels, or offer a dog or any animal food while on our property. We are a working farm with equipment, vehicle’s and animals and you are responsible for anyone brought with you onto the farm.

Payment and pick up: Your puppy will be ready to be picked up from our farm in King Country, Ohura or flown to you at 8 weeks of age (no earlier).  We will discuss and agree with you a date for you to pickup your puppy (to be no more than a week after the puppy turns 8 weeks old) and payment of the balance of the price for your puppy. The balance of the price (being the price less your deposit) must be received by us in full before the puppy will be released to you to pick up, or to air transport agents to deliver to you. Payment must be made in cash on pick up or by electronic transfer of cleared funds to our nominated bank account.

Following receipt of payment in full and pick up or transportation of your puppy to you, ownership of the puppy will be transferred to you, and you assume responsibility for the puppy (including for all vet bills). If being flown ownership and care leaves Sabella Farms once left at the airport or transport company, or pick up by new owner or nominated person.

If you fail to pay the balance of the price within 14 days after the agreed date for pickup or transportation of your puppy, we may cancel this agreement between us, keep your deposit and sell your puppy to another buyer.

When you pickup your puppy you agree you will NOT remove the puppy from the car and place it on the ground on the way home due to high risk of catching various diseases. We recommend anyone more than 5 hours drive time from our farm to fly your puppy as opposed to picking it up as it’s a long, hard journey on a young puppy that cannot be given a proper break and carries a high risk of catching infectious diseases that could be fatal.


Dogs are expressly forbidden from being brought onto the farm including being left in the car due to possible disease transmission and possible upsetting to our dogs.

Air Transport: If pickup is not an option for you, we can organise air transport anywhere in New Zealand on your behalf from our closest centre, New Plymouth. Most of our puppies are flown across New Zealand and is generally easier on the puppy then a long car ride. We work with a great flight company who offer us great rates. We are unable to send your puppy to you via road transport as it will not be fully vaccinated, and therefore the risk of catching various infectious diseases is very high. We will deliver your puppy to transport agents at New Plymouth airport free of charge.  All transport costs are an additional cost and must be paid by you in full at the time of paying the balance of the price for your puppy. We can supply a crate for your puppy to be transported in, this needs to be returned to us (at your cost and in good condition) once your puppy has arrived at your home.  .

What you get with your puppy: Your puppy will be provided to you on the arranged pick up date:

  • Wormed (at 4, 6, and 8 weeks of age);

  • First vaccination

  • A puppy booklet with all basic info about the puppy including vaccinations, DOB ect

  • Microchipped

  • Vet checked.

Your puppy’s parents will also have been vet tested and approved to be bred from by a vet in writing.

Our insurance partner, Cove Insurance, offers free pet insurance for 90 days from the date of pick up/transportation AND you have confirmed with Cove that you are covered. This can take time to do and your puppy does not automatically come with insurance in place. You need to arrange this insurance (terms and conditions apply) with Cove Insurance and it will not apply until Cove Insurance confirms cover is in place. We strongly recommend all buyers continue with pet insurance after the initial 90 days. We encourage you to review policy terms to ensure it is the best policy for your puppy’s needs.

Breeding: It is incredibly important to us to ensure that only well-bred and well-tested dogs are used to further the breed.  Whilst, we do not prohibit the breeding of puppies purchased from us, if you wish to breed your dog , you must obtain:

  • for your dog: DNA testing through your vet, hip and elbow scoring (this can be done once the dog is more than 12 months old)  and written approval by your vet that the dog has passed both DNA testing and hip and elbow scoring and is therefore fit to be bred.

  • the same DNA testing, hip and elbow scoring and written approval from a vet for the other dog that is being used/mated with your dog.

In no other circumstances will breeding of our dogs be permitted. If you sell your puppy, you must ensure this the purchaser agrees to this obligation.

Buyer’s responsibilities: After picking up your puppy, you agree to:

  • house the puppy appropriately in a clean, safe and comfortable environment

  • provide all additional vaccinations as the pups come with first vaccination

  • ensure the puppy receives regular exercise

  • socialise the puppy

  • provide necessary vet care when needed

  • provide good quality puppy food (we recommend Royal Canine medium puppy dry food) and 24/7 access to fresh water

  • regular worming and flea treatments

  • register the puppy with local authorities as required under the Dog Control Act 1996

Raw Diets:

We strongly advise against feeding your puppy a raw diet. A raw diet can have serious and significant consequences for the proper growth of your puppy.

Health of your dog: Our puppies parents are DNA tested, hip and elbow scored and certified by a vet to be bred. Every effort has been made to ensure your puppy is as healthy as possible. Every puppy is an individual, and we cannot guarantee adult size, temperament, type of coat, colour, colour, weight or other characteristics.


We do not DNA test for specific breed type/purity genetics in our dogs as there is no reliable vet approved testing for this. However all of our dogs have come from German Shepherd breeders and are German Shepherds unless otherwise stated. Your puppy is being sold in an “as is” condition, and we expressly exclude all warranties to the maximum extent permitted by law other than that the puppy is fit and healthy at the time of sale to the best of our knowledge and belief.

Confidentiality: Our DNA tests and hip and elbow score contain valuable confidential information and are our proprietary intellectual property. Our DNA tests and hip and elbow scores must not be disclosed to anyone without our prior consent from us in writing at any time

Returns and refunds: Subject to our obligations under the Consumer Guarantees Act, we do not accept any returns.

Liability: We are not responsible for any injury or death of the puppy after it leaves our care including delivery to the airport. We have no liability to you for events beyond our reasonable control, such as natural disasters, acts of god, war, weather events, acts of terrorism, strikes, pandemics or road closures that may cause us to be unable to meet our obligations. To the greatest extent permitted by law, our liability is limited to the price paid for your puppy.

The laws of New Zealand govern these Terms of Sale.

If you have any questions about these Terms of Sale, please contact us at email: or phone: 021 772 141.


When you buy a puppy from Sabella Farms we include:

  • 90 days FREE COVE Pet Insurance

  • An ongoing 5% discount on Cove Insurance

  • First vaccinations complete

  • Tested and certified parents

  • Puppy booklet

  • Microchipping

  • Vet check complete

  • Worming complete

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