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Our Deposit Policy

Welcome to Sabella Farms

Our main focus here is to breed healthy, happy well rounded dogs from well tested parents. Our dogs are DNA tested, Hip and Elbow Scored and certified by a vet.

We offer on going support for the life of your dog and are always available should you need us at any time. Our puppies all go with 90 days of free pet insurance, the testing from the parents, a food pack of Royal Canin Medium puppy food should it be needed, their puppy booklet with all info in it including vaccinations, worming schedule, microchip number, date of birth etc.

Our deposits are non refundable.

When you decide to purchase one of our pups and you pay a deposit, this is your confirmation that you will receive a puppy from us and that you are committing to taking one of our pups with your deposit. 

Your deposit is taken under these terms:



Your puppy deposit is your agreement to us that you are taking one of our babies, and as such if you change your mind or decide you don't want this pup we will be unable to provide you with a refund.

We do in some cases allow the deposit to be used in future should you be unable to take one of our pups at the time of the deposit which is done on a case by case basis. 

​Should we be unable to provide you with a puppy we offer a full refund. 


Our puppies come with:

* 90 Days free pet insurance - This does not come into effect until the puppy is in your care. 
* Wormed
* First vaccinations
* Puppy booklet
* Parents vet testing


Breeding Contracts

We do not place breeding restrictions on our pups. However we require that any of our dogs that will be used for breeding will need to be DNA tested and Hip and Elbow scored clear and certified by a vet in writing to be bred from before any dog of ours is used for breeding purposes.

​You will need to contact us for the full list of DNA testing requirements in order to ensure the right tests are done.

We also require the other dog (that is not ours) that is being used/mated with any of our dogs be DNA tested and Hip and Elbow scored prior to being mated to any of our dogs and certified as clear to be bred from by a vet in writing.

​This is to ensure that the dog you are using with ours is also clear to be bred from by a vet and certified as such. It is incredibly important to us that we continue to ensure only well bred and well tested dogs are used to further the breed. 

Our Testing

All of our dogs are DNA tested and Hip and Elbow scored which makes us stand out against other breeders who don't do the testing they should. Our testing goes with all of our puppies for both parents when the pups go to their new home. The pups are microchipped, vaccinated, vet checked and wormed before they go to their new home. We will also give you our starter guide booklet which helps to answer a lot of new puppy questions.

We do not dna test for specific breed type/purity genetics in any of our dogs as there is a huge amount of evidence to show that this testing is not accurate, however our dogs have come from breeders who have sold them as pure German Shepherds and as such our dogs are pure unless otherwise stated.


Our testing is focused on breeding healthy sound dogs and our dogs are approved to be bred from by our vet. You can see more about our dogs on our Facebook page which outlines well our relationships with our puppy families as our babies grow with them.

Our facebook page is here:


We create a wonderful family client environment with our pup families and are here for the entire time you have your baby. This is so important to us. 

We do not breed registered German Shepherds. We focus on breeding flat backed Shepherds. Registered breeders are breeding to the breed standard they are required to, which means breeding to the very sloped hind end. Our main focus aside from having very thoroughly tested parents is to breed the more flat backed shepherd as they breed has gone way to far in terms of the hind end.


As such we do not focus on breeding dogs for showing which require registration which in our opinion is not conducive to breeding healthy dogs.


You agree not give out any of our testing to other breeders/admins on Facebook pages/or people on any social media accounts or via email or in person without our permission in writing. Sadly breeders (especially breeders local to us in Taranaki) are stealing our testing (and other breeders testing). They use facebook pages they run/manage using a number of fake names, asking for copies of breeders testing. There is no circumstance where you would need to give out breeder testing to other breeders or people on facebook or anyone else.

If you see anyone asking for breeders testing please contact us immediately so we can take action. We spend a lot of money on our testing and we do not want our testing stolen or solicited by other breeders acting as people using false names. This has become a serious issue for genuine breeders so we protect our testing as we have spent many years and alot of money testing our dogs and don't want it stolen.

We stand behind our dogs 100% and are here with you the entire time you own your baby from us and should you have any questions about our testing please contact us and we can put you in touch with the vets who have done the testing and certified our testing.

Please see our pages here to read further about our testing and what we breed for in our dogs: 


Buying a pup from us and Our Testing.


We do not give out our testing for our pups to anyone unless they are buying a puppy from us and have paid a deposit. 

Onselling or giving away one of our dogs to another party:

In the unlikely event that you have to sell, rehome or otherwise place the dog from us in someones care permanently you will need to ensure that they are happy to abide by our terms outlined here in regards to breeding and testing, give them a copy of it and confirm they are happy to abide by these terms. 

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Our waiting list

We take reservations for both our pups so please feel free to get in touch with us to add your name to our waiting list.

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