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Sabella Farms is owned and run by Erin Miller and Bryce McKinley up in the mighty King Country on 100 acres.


Our passion is to produce the most well tested and vet certified dogs we scientifically can and to keep the Clydesdale dream and traditions alive

We breed and work Clydesdales in harness and under saddle and have a strong passion for keeping the Clydesdale dream alive as the number in New Zealand is currently on the brink of extinction. Working horses tradiinally is a huge passion of Erins and is a big driver in having this beautiful farm.

Our focus is to breed Clydesdale's that conform to breeding standards, with good feather, bone and size and German Shepherds that are healthy, happy family dogs that come from well-tested vet approved/certified parents.

The dogs and the horses are a huge part of our daily life. The dogs run out across our 100 acres everyday and get to swim in multiple watering holes, and help us out on the farm here. Our dogs are never on leashes and we show on our social pages the amazing recall, behaviour and lives our dogs have in a large group out across the farm with us. 


The Dogs, Horses and the farm life means very much to both Bryce and Erin who enjoy the simple farm life, surrounded with a menagerie of multitudes of rescue ducks, chickens, pigs, sheep, cows, and so much more.

The dogs and animals really have a special life here and and our horses also get the best life here roaming 100 acres of beautiful land with swimming holes, beautiful bush pockets.


The farm is also shared with a number of wild deer, pigs, goats and more.


It truely is heaven here. 


About Sabella Farms


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About our special life here at Sabella Farms.


Erin working Morgan








We believe very strongly in breeding dogs that are from parents that are very well-tested and vet cleared and certified to be bred from. This is not done by all breeders and is something that is extremely important to ensure people are getting a healthy happy pup.

Even if you don't buy a dog from us, we want you to know what questions to ask to ensure you get a pup from parents that have been well-tested. 

​We focus on breeding really kind, sweet dogs that are suitable for family and farm homes. We know that your dog is a huge part of your family and our goal is to breed dogs that are happy to thrive in any home. A lot of our dogs go to homes with kids, to farms, are doing agility work, or are a support dog in hospitals, so their breeding is really important.

Our dogs are smart and easily trained and are just really nice all around dogs. That is our main focus with what we do and we take a lot of pride in that. We do not focus on breeding pure shepherds, our main focus is breeding flat backed, well-tested, kind natured dogs that go to good families.

​All of our breeding German Shepherds are hip and elbow scored and comprehensively DNA tested.​


Erin has actively shown Clydesdales in hand, in harness and under saddle. We generally break in all our horses ourselves to saddle and harness which includes chain work, ploughing, log skidding, hay making, harrowing, working in pairs and more.

Working heavy horses and farming has been in Erin's family for over 100 years in Canada.


Our Caracole Photo Album - Enjoy seeing more about us and our animals here

Some farm shots of us


Some of our puppies having their first ride on the bike.

Erin with Indi, Geta and Mya.


Erin with Gage.


Bryce with Indi.


Erin working Blackwood Morgan in sledge.


Erin with Morgan and Harmony.


Erin with our stallion Mac.

Quick look at our life on the farm