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Caring for Our Puppies

We are here for you for the entire life of your dog and after.


We do not just give you a puppy and you never hear from us again. We love staying in touch with our clients and get so much joy seeing your family grow with one of our babies.

                                      Caring for your puppy is a huge and incredibly important job. 

The first year of your dogs life and growth is so critical to having a healthy happy dog that will live a long life.

FOOD: Some of the most important things in the care of your dog is ensuring you feed correct food. All of our dogs are started on Royal Canin Medium puppy. Its critical that your puppy is kept on Royal Canin medium puppy for the first year. We do not recommend feeding large breed dog food or German Shepherd food. Upon the advice from our vets the large breed food can grow pups too fast.

ACTIVITY: The amount of exercise that you do with your dog plays a huge role in your dogs growth. Excessive running, jumping, stairs etc can all have a huge impact on the growth of your dog.

TRAINING:  Our pups are incredibly smart. They are very easy to train and fantastic at potty training right from the start. They love being a huge part of your life and will learn just about anything you teach them to do. Puppy classes are a great way to socialise your puppy and bond with you. Our pups thrive on doing anything you ask of them and love the challenges of training and learning new things. 

Our commitment goes beyond just doing all the testing we can, we also support our clients. We are always here them for any questions you may have through the life of our dog with you.


We value our clients and we know the huge impact the correct raising of our pups after they leave us has on the longevity of the life of your dog. Raising a dog correctly is just as important as the testing we do and is crucial in growing a healthy dog. So our clients play a huge role in the success of our dogs and are pivital to our dogs having a healthy long life.

PREVENTING HIP/JOINT ISSUESWe do all we can with our testing to ensure you don't end up with a dog with genetic or hip issues. However hip and joint issues are not only genetic. Joint issues can be caused by over exercise or lack of exercise, poor diet, injury, and more. We do all the testing we can, however we only have our puppies for about 9 weeks of its life, from there they go to their new homes and the life they lead and the food they eat in the first 2 years of life plays a huge role in weather or not they have issues with joints. So its always very important to ensure the first two years grow your dog to the best of its ability with no issues. 


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