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Gage is our beautiful long haired, flat backed German Shepherd who is the heart of our breeding programe.

He has produced some incredible pups over the years and he carries a huge range of colours which enables him to produce simply astonishingly beautiful babies in a range of beautiful and rare colours to find. 

Gage has been DNA tested through Massey University and is also colour tested through Massey University who send it on to the Netherlands. 

Gage is also hip and elbow scored by a vet in Australia and certified by our vets to be used for breeding. 


However we don't just look at the vet testing, we also have our own set of requirements and we look quite closely at this. 

Once our dogs have passed all of the vet requirements and been certified we then look very closely at our requirements that we need in a dog before using for breeding purposes.

Beyond our vet testing we also look at in depth: 

  • Flat Back

  • Trainability

  • Kindness

  • Good Nature

  • Be able to go into a range of homes and excel


One of Gages brindle pups


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Erin with Gage


Gage photo gallery

So Gage has met all of our strict requirements and met our vets as well.

Gage also produces a wide range of colouring, including, all whites, silver, silver and black and black and tan so far which is amazing as his puppies have been stunning!

Gage is a very large, beautiful long haired german shepherd, and when we say large he is one of the largest shepherd's I ever seen.


He hands his size, substance, nature and trainability on to our puppies and we are so proud of that. Vet testing is HUGE for us but we also look very closely at looks, nature, trainability and kindness. If they do not have the qualities that we look for even with the vet testing we will not use them.

Breeding happy beautiful dogs that can go into versatile homes and live a long healthy life as a family member is our goal. 


Coupled with his fantastic nature, his clear testing and looks he really is one of the most wonderful dogs you could ever find and he has handed this wonderful, looks, nature and health onto his babies.


He has an exceptionally flat back and his hip and elbow scores are excellent.

He is a smart, kind, trainable, willing, sweet boy. He would go home with you if you would let him but he also has a great bark and lets you know when someone is here. 

He adores swimming in the lake each day and will jump right in to fetch the stick far out on the lake and swim for ages. Hes fantastic around our other animals, including our ducks, chickens, lambs, clydesdales etc. He is a very happy boy who loves everyone and is cuddly despite his size. 

He is one of the most beautiful I have ever seen and he produces incredible babies. We are very proud of him. 

Some of Gages pups


Erin with Gage


Erin with one of Gages white puppies

Some of Gages babies

Taking deposits for one of his pups!
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