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Standards We Breed To

Our main focus here is to breed flat backed, well tested, healthy, trainable, family dogs that are not sloped in the hind end. We do NOT breed the sloped (deformed) hind end that many shepherd’s are bred to. Especially through a registered breeder who are producing showing dogs as that is part of the breed standard they are required to breed to in order to show German Shepherds competitively.


Our dogs are wonderful kind, healthy all around family dogs that life a long life as a valued family member. All of the testing we do enables our pups to go into a range of homes, excel there and live a long health life as a valued family member. To achieve this we do a huge amount of medical testing and we also have other criteria our dogs have to meet beyond our medical testing required by our vets to certify them.


Our DNA testing:


We DNA test our dogs through Massey University. We also colour test all of our dogs through Massey as well which tell us the colour of our dog and what colours that may carry and produce. Our Hip and Elbow Scoring: We also hip and elbow score all of our dogs. This is done by a specialist in Australia in conjunction with our vets.


Our certification:


Once our dogs are tested all clear our dogs are then certified to be bred from by our vets in writing to us.


We then move onto the other requirements and criteria our dogs mush have:


Our dogs must have a flat back, exceptional trainability, be willing, kind and have excellent listening skills. They need to be able to go into a range of homes and do well there. We do alot of work each day with our dogs on our 120 acre farm. So we get a really good sense of what the dogs nature is like. We look for good recall, willingness to do what you ask, ability to listen even when distracted, isn't interested in chasing stock and will all come back when called (even if they spot a juicy rabbit) are just a few of the traits we look for. Being good with kids, cats, other animals, stock etc is also something we look for. We like to see good guarding instincts, and a good bark that will tell you when someone is at your home but be great around family and other animals.


To sum up:


So while we do a significant amount of testing, we also look hard at nature, trainability and willingness, and have spent many years focusing on this to produce the wonderful dogs we have up to now.

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All of our puppies come with 42 days free pet insurance


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