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Some videos of us out on the farm

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Sabella Farms is located in King Country on 120 acres of complete paradise. We have our dogs here along with our clydesdales. We also have 16 rescue duck, rescue chickens, pigs, sheep and more. Our dogs spend there days out with us running across the farm or sleeping in front of the fire. 

We share as much as we can about our life here with our dogs and post it up on our Social Media channels .

If you want to see more videos of our dogs, horses and our life here you can check out our facebook page which is updated daily. In there you can find lots of videos of us on the farm and updates on the beautiful life we have here. 

Below are some of the many videos we have of us with our dogs and with the horses. I will continue to update this page as we put more videos up. 

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Some of our farm photos


Tik Tok



Some Snap Shots of our life 

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