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Our Testing

We carefully select, DNA test and hip and elbow score all of our German Shepherds. Our Hip and Elbow scoring is done by a specialist in Australia and our DNA testing is comprehensive to cover a range of possible issues that are ruled out with our testing. This testing is done by our vets and our dogs are then approved to be bred from by them. 

We focus more on testing than most breeders do which gives our fur baby families confidence they are buying a pup that has parents well tested. We also look for flat backs in our dogs, temperament, trainability and ensure our focus is on breeding healthy, happy, family dogs that will be a part of your family for a long time. 

We stand behind our dogs and stay in touch with people for as long as they have their dogs (and in some cases many years after). We are not like most breeders who you don't hear from again.  We are here anytime you need us for the entire life of your pup for anything.

We have created a beautiful family community on our facebook page and have a wonderful group of people who grow our babies into such gorgeous dogs. We also get such fantastic and amazing homes for our pups and that shows on our FB page with all of the posts and updates on our pups that I get every day and share. 

Showing the progress of our pups from babies through to adults. You get a very good feel about the sort of pups that we make, what they look like, nature and more as we share almost daily updates on our pups on our Facebook page and our Instagram account. 


Our facebook page is: and Instagram is @SabellaFarms

So while we do focus on the testing done through our vets we also heavily focus on breeding dogs that will fit into a number of different types of homes.

Quite a few of our dogs are being used for service dogs, doing work in rest homes and hospitals, and a number of our dogs have gone to police and military homes.

The quality of our dogs and their amazing nature really comes through with our focus not only on the testing through the vets but in nature as well as being there to support our family with their babies for their entire life. 

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All of our puppies come with 42 days free pet insurance

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