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$3,500 TO $2,200

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Black and Tan with a medium length coat

About this litter

> > >  P R I C E   R E D U C E D  < < <

Welcome to our FULL listing for our current litter of pups.

Feel free to get in touch and ask us any questions, or just come and visit us and see our farm, our dogs and our puppies in action! 

Get your paws on one of our amazing German Shepherd puppies! This litter includes two long coat and three medium coat girls - including 2 potential silver/black and tans - which are the Red collar girl and the Pink collar girl. 


Our very special pups have parents who have been DNA tested, hip and elbow scored, vet certified in writing, ensuring that they're the best of the best for all homes.

We raise flat-backed shepherds with hearts of gold, and all of our furry friends are fantastic with any animal that crosses their path - even our free-roaming ducks and pigs!

With 100 acres of land near Ohura, our pups have plenty of space to play in the mud, swim in the lake, and mingle with our free-roaming farm animals. They're even trained to befriend our ducks and pigs!

Our pups are all-around superstars, thanks to the best possible start. They socialize with our dogs, horses, sheep, and even go on bike rides - talk about well-rounded! And if you're looking for a silver beauty, we've got two potential showstoppers with standout parents. Don't miss it!

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Mother Nature is our top priority, and we ensure our pups are happy, healthy, and hilarious - just check out our Facebook page for proof! 

On our Instagram and TikTok pages you will see many of the silly and crazy antics we get up to here on our King Country farm! 

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Most recent video of
our available pups
Blue collar girl with a stick
with her parents at the lake

Our available pups


She is the most affectionate and kind puppy you will ever meet.


She LOVES cuddles, loves attention and loves being in your lap. She has one of the best natures I have ever seen on a pup and will be a perfect family member for someone with a family or looking for a very special friend to share their life with.


She loves to play and shows very strong ability to learn new things and is extremely willing to learn. Which is very much like her mother or who lives for praise and is the most trainable, willing and kind dog I have ever met.



Oh my gosh does she love sticks!


The splitting image of her father and mother who will spend their entire day swimming in the lake for sticks.


This is a very easy going pup who is independent, very relaxed and extremely uncomplicated.


She would do very well in any sort of a home. She is very happy to keep herself occupied.


This is a wonderful pup and she really is a special girl.

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Welcome to Sabella Farms (6).png

All puppies come with 90 days FREE Pet Insurance and will receive discounted rates with Cove Insurance.


Meet Dad


Gage, is Dad to the puppies, he is a gentle giant.


Gage is one of the biggest German Shepherds you'll ever see, but with a heart to match his size.


He's wonderful with kids, new people, and all of our furry and feathered friends. He's well-behaved, a great listener and has that stunning flat back! WOW!

Meet Mum


Mum is a medium coat, all-black girl who is eager to please and can learn anything.


Also flat-backed and amazing with our stock, and her pups are equally wonderful!

A bit of fun with us out
on the farm

Extra info

Visitors/pick ups are most welcome, to come and behold the hijinks that grace our abode daily, take part in our antics and meet our crew! 


If you can't make it, we can fly pups around NZ for you easy peasy!

All of our puppies come with 90 days pet insurance, worming, first vax, booklet, microchipped, vet checked and are $3,500. NOW REDUCED TO $2,200.

Deposit is $800 non-refundable and is paid under the terms of our Deposit Policy which are found here.


Our puppies, dogs and life on the farm

These photos show our dogs (the parents), some of the dogs we have produced, some of our farm and us with our farm animals, including our rescue ducks, chickens and our horses! It's quite the Zoo so we hope you enjoy looking at all of the pictures!

Testimonials from puppy owners

Erin was amazing when I first spoke to her. I had spoken to a couple of breeders previously but knew immediately that Erin was the breeder for us. We felt so comfortable that we ended up getting two puppies from her instead of just one! You can tell straight away that Erin absolutely loves her dogs, is super knowledgeable, completely honest and just wants the best for her dogs. 

Fudge and Kev are now 4.5 months old and are just the most amazing dogs. They both toilet trained within the first week of having them and it is crazy how fast they pick up commands. They fitted into the family perfectly, love the kids and adore our older dog without overwhelming him. We often take them to the beach in Raglan and it's incredible that even off leash they are constantly checking in where the kids and I are and never roam far away.


We are always getting comments on how beautiful and well-behaved they both are. As much as I'd love to take the credit for their behaviour, this definitely shows the way they've been bred. 


I'm so glad they are park of our family! 

Di Brinkhurst

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