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All puppies come with 90 days FREE Pet Insurance and will receive discounted rates with Cove Insurance.

Sabella Farms is owned and operated by Erin Miller and Bryce McKinley. We are based in King Country on over 100 acres of beautiful land. We are passionate about raising the bar when it comes to breeding German Shepherds and Clydesdale horses.


When you buy a puppy from Sabella Farms, you can be sure you're getting a premium-quality dog bred by animal lovers who care enough to make sure all the right boxes are ticked! 

Our puppies mean the world to us. It's important to us that they go into wonderful, kind, caring homes where they are valued and are treated like a member of the family. 

We specialise in unique coloured German Shepherds along with standard black and tan. 

We are here to help, so please feel free to ask us any questions. We provide all the support and advice that you'll need and are here for you for the life of your pup.

Welcome to Sabella Farms

Erin and Bryce

We are proud breeders of well-tested, flat-backed German Shepherds.

We have been breeding registered Clydesdales since 2008. 

Well-tested dogs bred by animal lovers 

We are incredibly passionate about ensuring we adhere to the highest quality of breeding standards, and educating dog owners about what to look for when buying a German Shepherd. 

Our goal is to provide gentle-natured, loving and healthy and animals to those looking for a loyal, trainable dog.

We take great pride our breeding program and our Shepherds are known for their flat back and highly trainable nature which sets our dogs apart from other breeders. 


Our German Shepherds are DNA tested, Hip and Elbow scored and certified by our vets.

Our clients mean the world to us and so do our fur babies. We welcome you to come and visit us and the dogs here on the farm. We offer ongoing support, help and are always available to answer and questions you may have about our puppies.

Thank you for considering us as your breeder of choice.

We love to document our life on the farm, so you can see how we work and raise all of our animals. 

Our puppies are very sought after and sell quickly!
Join our wait list to make sure you don't miss out!


When you buy a puppy from Sabella Farms we include:

  • 90 days free COVE Pet Insurance

  • First vaccinations complete

  • Tested and certified parents

  • Puppy booklet

  • Microchipping

  • Vet check complete

  • Worming complete

Abstract Curves

A snapshot of our life on the farm
Raising German Shepherds and Clydesdale Horses

Some pups from a previous litter
A run out on the farm with the dogs
A run out on the farm with the dogs

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We love seeing our puppies thrive in their new homes.
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All puppies come with 90 days FREE Pet Insurance and will receive discounted rates with Cove Insurance.

Some snap shots of our life...